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Fun with Abacus @ Katong Plaza

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Website: https://funwithabacus.com/

Youtube: https://www.facebook.com/FunWithAbacus/videos/2016811658534188/

Fun With Abacus milestones

Joy Tay, our founder, started teaching abacus to the young by adopting syllabus from Taiwan, After a while, she noticed the learning difficulties by the local young learners and decided to start her own workbooks. She sees the importance of having a good workbook as part of a component for a good program. Till now, she is still continuously finding ways to improve on her workbooks to suit the changing learning pattern of the young learners.

Mission & goals

Using Abacus as a tool to introduce numbers and master the calculation skill.

Why choose Fun With Abacus?

We have been using the 9 Beads Abacus as a tool, and have continuously refined our program until it is systematically structured for the young learners through a set of 10 workbooks to be used for the whole program. These workbooks are tailored according to our local children learning. We conduct a major review on our curriculum and teaching method every yearly. This is to ensure our lessons are deliver effectively to the young learners.

Who can enroll

The target age group for our classes abacus maths programme course start from 4 years old and above. The basic requirement for attendees is that they should be able to identify, write and arrange the numerals 0 to 9 in the correct sequence.

Fun with Abacus @ Katong Plaza

1 Brooke Road Katong Plaza 02-45
Singapore 429979

Tel: +6597865383

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