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Website: http://www.ignitetuition.com.sg

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kmyrd5nIBpk&t=8s

At Ignite Tuition Centre in Singapore, we pride ourselves in our ability to ignite a passion for learning in our students, allowing them to reach their maximum potential. We understand that every child is different and seek to educate every individual so that they may perform to the best of their abilities.

Our curriculum complements and follows the MOE syllabus closely. Every lesson is carefully planned in a manner that will best allow students to understand and absorb the material taught. Students are also put to the test with challenging questions, as well as problems that are frequently asked in national examinations.

7 main reasons why we are confident that Ignite Tuition Centre will help your child excel:

Nurturing Confidence and Excellence

Practice makes perfect. We help to build your child's confidence by rewarding them for their good attitude and efforts. We believe excellence lies not just in grades; we also aim to cultivate your child's interest in learning to be better thinkers. By cultivating interest, our students learn better and grow confident.

Learning From Qualified, Passionate Teachers

We pride ourselves in our teachers, who are handpicked from a rigorous selection process. Our team of tutors are all NIE-trained and fully experienced full-time tutors. Within our team, we also have ex-HODs. Our dedicated tutors teach classes ahead of school, so that your child will be able to keep up and excel in tests and exams.

Two-Way Communication with Parents/Guardians

At Ignite, two-way communication is ongoing with constant feedback on both ends and follows each child’s own unique experiences and growth. We also have in house mock examinations in place to ensure students are continuously revising outside lesson.

Teaching Assistants on Standby

Our experienced and dedicated teaching assistants are always available to answer any questions your child may have about schoolwork. They also cultivate a good learning attitude by teaching students the habit of asking to clear their doubts. This promotes your child's confidence and academic performance.

Comprehensive & Detailed Learning Materials

We provide superior, professionally crafted notes and worksheets, organised in concept levels to help your child save time and revise efficiently. We also conduct internal mock exams with our own material for students to gauge their readiness, clear any doubts, and boost their confidence before their actual exams.

Optimal Class Size

Classes are kept small with a good tutor-to-student ratio for optimal learning. This puts students at ease and allows tutors to dedicate more attention to each individual. Should students still have doubts, they are encouraged to remain behind after class to clarify their doubts. There is NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE for out-of-class consultation.

No Deposit Policy

We firmly believe against locking your child down in a tuition program that isn’t serving their needs. That is why we follow a no-deposit policy that goes against the norm because we are confident that your child will bloom under our care.

We believe that laying a strong foundation in primary levels will benefit the child in the long run. The transition from primary to secondary level often poses a challenge for many students. Through our well-paced out and systematic teaching, the students will find themselves adapting to the secondary curriculum in no time. In Junior College (JC), many students will find difficulty coping with the newly introduced lecture-tutorial style of teaching. At Ignite, we make use of the small class sizes to provide the necessary attention to each and every student. With all the help they can get at Ignite, students will find the 'A' Level Examinations a breeze!


Blk 252 Choa Chu Kang Ave 2 01-304
Singapore 680252

Tel: +6568930877

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