If you're a new on Busykids.sg, we will help you with some of your questions you might have.


Why should my Centre be listed on this site?

Parents visit Busykids.sg to find enrichment classes and holiday programs. You can list your classes on Busykids.sg, so that parents will consider enrolling in your centre. When parents find you on our website, they can be linked to your website and contact you for more information.


How will this help me grow my business?

Busykids.sg is a website for parents looking for enrichment classes and holiday programs for their kids. Advertising on our site will help improve your SEO results in Google because their crawlers will see the links to your website. Busykids.sg refers parents who are likely to enroll in your classes. 

If you don't have a website,  treat your listings on our website like your own where you can add class schedules, photos and more.


Who keeps my schedules up to date?

You know your schedules better than we do. By owning and keeping your schedules up-to-date, your schedules will be the most relevant to parents. 


Does it cost me anything?

Our listing is completely free. But if you want to reach more parents, you can upgrade and advertise in our featured listings and advertisements to give you the most visibility on Busykids.sg.


How do I create a listing?


To register:

1. Go to the Busykids.sg home page

2. Click  

3. Fill in the requested information in Centre Registration

4. If you have other Centres in different locations, you can add them to your company profile.

5. Be sure to select the appropriate Category/ Sub Category so that your classes will show up in searches.

6. Click  and you are done


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How do I create a Class and Holiday Program?

Busykids.sg helps parents find your classes and holiday programs online. 


1.     Go to the Busykids.sg home page and log in

2.     Click     and select Classes

3.     In Class Listings, Click  



4.     Fill in the requested information

5.     You can add up to a maximum of 3 classes per week


How do I add different categories to a Class or Holiday Program?

Add categories to your listings to make them show up in as many searches as possible. During Registration, you will be asked to select Category/ Sub Category for each Centre.



To add a new category to an existing Class or Holiday Program:

1. Sign into your Busykids.sg account

2. Click on your Centre name in the top right and select 

3. Select appropriate Category in 

4. Click     when done


How do I add a Photo or Logo on Busykids.sg?

Parents like take a look at what their children are going to participate in. The best photos show happy faces participating in the activity. The photos should not contain any text as some Busykids.sg labels may appear over the images on the site.

Example of good images and images with text:                                       

Select the photo you want to upload (File size must be larger than 35K and smaller than 4MB)

Note: The ideal photo size is 770 x 490 pixels (Width x Height) .Blank spaces on the sides may be visible if the photo is not of these proportions.


To add a photo to a Class or Holiday Program:

1. Sign into your Busykids.sg account

2. Click     and select Classes or Holiday Programs  

3. Under Action, Click Edit    


4. Click on    under Pictures

5.Select a photo from a location on your computer




To add a photo to your business:

1. Sign into your Busykids.sg account

2. Click on your Centre name in the top right and select

3. Under Company Logo, click  

4. Select a photo from a location on your computer

5. Click 

6. Click 


How do I edit or add a new Centre Location?

Parents are automatically shown Classes and Holiday Programs near them, thus Centres are the starting point to any listing. Classes and Holiday Programs are only shown at the location they are being held at.

New Centre Location can only be added when you register.


To add a new Centre, you will need to contact Busykids.sg administrator at admin@busykids.sg to assist you.


To edit a Centre Location:

1. Sign into your Busykids.sg account

2. Click on your Centre name in the top right and select

3. Enter the new information

4. Click  


What is Company Information?

Your company information is your first impression for a parent. Ensure al fields are completed.


Company Name- This is the name the parents see on Busykids.sg.

Company Email- This is the address that will receive emails from Busykids.sg.

Centre Location Email- When a parent clicks “Contact Class” or  “Contact Holiday Program” on your business page, their emails with be sent directly to the address in this field.

Centre Telephone- This is the phone number that will be displayed for parents on your business page.

Company Website- The URL of your offical website will be displayed and parents will be able to visit your official website.


What are the tools for my site?

Busykids.sg makes it easy to add powerful tools to your own website.


Business Report


What are Reports & how do I know if parents are visiting my Busykids.sg page?

Busykids.sg gives you access to powerful and useful data about your page, classes and holiday programs. You can view how many parents visit your page, find out how many parents are visiting your website through Busykids.sg, and quickly look at how many times your classes have been added to favourites by parents on Busykids.sg etc

Busykids.sg makes it easy for parents to find you. Register with us now.