Busykids.sg brings you the ultimate convenience in searching for enrichment classes and centres for your child!

Are you spending time on…

  • Skimming
    Skimming through thousands of listings on the internet and newspapers just takes up too much time, and is too much of a hassle!
  • Squinting
    Finding a centre is hard enough, much less finding a class of the right kind that suits your schedules!
  • Starting Over
    When you decide that the enrichment centre isn’t appropriate for our needs, you start over. Too much time is wasted when all you want to do is keep our kids learning!

Our Simple Solution

Busykids.sg saves you a great deal of time with a highly targeted search process to help you find your favourite enrichment centre with maximum ease!

You can even filter search results by location, timeslots, class types and more, giving you the best search results you want right at your fingertips.

By creating a children’s learner profile on Busykids.sg, your account is automatically tailored by your information to receive the search results most relevant to you.

It’s that simple and easy!

See how it works here.