Busykids.sg is a convenient way to find your favourite enrichment centres and classes for your child!

We are an all-in-one enrichment portal for parents and enrichment centres, bringing educational programs from leading centres together in one place.

You no longer have to tediously skim through the internet to find the right enrichment classes for your child.

Browse classes and holiday programs from the best selection of enrichment centres to fit your child’s schedule, and be part of the exciting revolution for the enrichment centre industry!

Busykids.sg brings you great convenience and ease:

  • Intuitive and easy-to-use interface
  • Maximum flexibility for planning class schedules
  • Targeted search filters to narrow down your search quickly
  • Comparison function to find the best class for your child’s needs

Capturing the island-wide population of enrichment centres, you are now able to effectively compare between a wide range of enrichment centres to give your child the best classes.

Always busy? No problem!

With your preferences loaded into your Busykids.sg account, you can easily find the right enrichment program for your child that fits into their busy schedules!


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